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New Episode – The Road to Recycling Podcast: Carton Council Journey

The Carton Council’s podcast series continues with its third episode, “The Road to Recycling: Carton Council Origin Story – Part 1: The Journey.”

In this episode, Larine Urbina, Carton Council vice president of communications, is joined by three founding members, Jeff Fielkow, Ed Klein, and Alan Murray, to discuss the organization’s formation and journey.

The episode highlights how competitors came together to overcome shared challenges in growing food and beverage carton recycling across the U.S. to form the Carton Council. Of interest to anyone in the packaging or recycling industry, listeners will hear insights from the founding members on their strategy for collaborating to improve the nation’s recycling system.

Stay tuned for “The Road to Recycling: Carton Council Origin Story – Part 2: The Evolution” to be released next month.

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