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Meet the Faces of Carton Recycling

For many of us, recycling is second nature. Yet, it wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of countless people creating and advocating for recycling programs. In recognition of their contributions, we’re celebrating five individuals from across the recycling industry committed to increasing access to carton recycling for a greener planet. From the Innovator, to the Expert, to the Champion, learn how they each play a different part in keeping the recycling engine functioning for our benefit.

The Innovator: Matanya Horowitz

“Our purpose is to transform recycling to make it more efficient and economically sustainable so it can better serve our society and planet.” – Matanya Horowitz

Meet Matanya Horowitz, Founder and CEO of AMP Robotics, a company using artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to make recycling more efficient and effective. Thanks to Matanya and his team, three carton sorting robots have been installed at recycling sorting facilities across the country, in addition to dozens of robots for other recycled materials.These include ClarkeHot Dawg and the new AI robot in Florida installed in June. These robots make it easier and faster to sort cartons apart from other recyclables, increasing the amount of cartons available to get recycled into new materials rather than going to landfills. We’re proud to celebrate Matanya for using his innovative spirit and love of the environment to work for the recycling industry!


The Champion: Martha Kasten

“I am a mother of two, and as part of my desire to live out values that my own mother inspired in me, I have consciously made recycling a daily habit.”  – Martha Kasten

Meet Martha Kasten, an active member of our Carton Champion Facebook group and an adjunct professor of voice at Aurora University in Aurora, IL. As a mom, Martha leads by example by picking up recyclables when she is out with her kids and then taking them home to recycle! She calls them her “Mom quirky habits.” Martha is our ‘Champion’ for her commitment to recycling and for teaching her two children the importance of protecting the environment.

Recycling is more important than ever and champions like Martha are key to showing the strength of recycling today. The more Carton Champions, the better off our communities and planet will be.

The Connector: Jason Pelz

“Together, we can ensure all cartons have the opportunity to be recycled and provide valuable material for new products in the U.S.. ” – Jason Pelz

Large scale recycling efforts are only possible through partnerships and collaboration across all parties involved. That’s where ‘The Connector’ comes in. Meet Jason Pelz, Vice President of Recycling Projects for the Carton Council of North America. Jason works with brand owners, local municipalities, communities, Materials Recovery Facilities, paper mills and more to increase access to and participation in carton recycling programs. His dedication to connecting everyone in the recycling industry to strengthen carton recycling is why he is one of our ‘Faces of Carton Recycling.’

The Advocate: Andi Sheperd

“We strive for recycling to be convenient, cost-effective, and comprehensive, and cartons fit the description perfectly.” – Andi Sheperd

Carton recycling is accessible to 62.8% of households across the U.S. thanks to dedicated community level advocates across the country. Meet The Advocate: Andi Shepherd, Director at Emmet County Recycling in Michigan. Andi is a longtime Emmet County employee and resident. After studying Environmental studies and Sustainability in college, Andi joined Emmet County Public Works as an intern. She cites her love of the environment as the catalyst to where she is today. Andi embodies the commitment of local government representatives to bring high quality recycling services to its residents and when we need them most. We chose to recognize Andi for using her passion for the environment to ensure residents of Emmet county can be the eco-conscious citizens they desire to be!

The Expert: Wendy Fauth

“Innovative collaborations help us to stay on the industry’s cutting edge and make carton recycling as sustainable as possible.” – Wendy Fauth

Wendy is the Regional Recycling Materials Manager at GFL Environmental’s Regional Recyclable Materials Manager at Alpine Waste & Recycling keeping the facility running smoothly as people and machines sort, separate, and bale the recyclables that come through its doors. Having been in the industry for 24 years, Wendy and her team fostered Alpine’s relationship with the Carton Council and AMP Robotics to install the first carton sorting robot at a recycling facility in the country, taking carton sorting to the next level. We had the privilege of meeting Wendy during our Earth Day tour of the Alpine Altogether Recycling Facility in Denver, CO and left inspired by her and the team’s passion for recycling. We’re thankful to Wendy for her dedication to creating a more sustainable planet through carton recycling!


Another big thank you to each of the individuals profiled in our ‘Faces of Carton Recycling’ series! Carton recycling is only possible because of the people advocating for its important role in our society every day. Thanks to them, the majority of U.S. households have access to carton recycling and can contribute to a cleaner and brighter future! Who would you add to this list? Let us know via email at

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