How We Work

Championing Carton Recycling Through Industry Collaboration

Supported and funded by the four leading food and beverage carton manufacturers – Elopak, PactivEvergreen, SIG and Tetra Pak – the Carton Council is a nonprofit trade organization dedicated to expanding carton recycling.

Through partnerships across the recycling value chain, we engage in a range of initiatives to grow carton recycling access and participation, fostering a circular economy.

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Collaboration Overview

How We Support carton Recycling

  • Strategic guidance to help MRFs understand how cartons are moving through their facilities
  • Strategic guidance to provide recommendations for efficiently sorting cartons
  • Infrastructure grants to help MRFs best sort cartons
  • Connecting MRFs with end markets that buy and recycle cartons
  • Education grants to help MRFs and communities empower their residents to recycle cartons
  • Infrastructure grants to end markets to help develop carton recyclers
  • Support in connecting MRFs with end markets who buy cartons
  • Fostering school carton recycling programs through grants, tools and resources
  • Research to help understand consumer awareness and behavior around recycling
  • Address locator to help consumers identify carton recycling access in their community
  • Mail-in program to allow those without local access to recycle their cartons

A Team of Experts to Drive Results

Our team is dedicated to keeping food and beverage cartons out of landfills. We have regional representatives to assist with adding cartons to your program or facility.


Ed Klein


Lynn Dyer

VP of Sustainability

Carla Fantoni

VP of Engagement Strategy

Jason Pelz

VP of Recycling Projects

Larine Urbina

VP of Communications

Jordan Fengel

Director of Government Affairs

Field Team

Our Field Team, with over 200 years of combined experience, helps recycling programs, schools, MRFs and end markets across the country maximize and increase access to carton recycling. Contact us for more information.

Jim Birmingham

Central Region Recycling Coordinator

Greendale, WI

Derric Brown

Strategic Projects and Partnerships Manager

Canton, NC

Debbi Dodson

West & Central Region School Program Coordinator

San Diego, CA

David Hurd

Tri-State Recycling Coordinator

New York, NY

Kris Kaar

Central Region Recycling Coordinator

Geneva, IL

Susan Robinson

West Region Recycling Coordinator

Sammamish, WA

April Sprinkle

Value Chain Manager

Tyron, NC

Michele Wagner

Northeast & Southwest Recycling Program Coordinator

Westhampton, MA

Tom Wright

West Region Recycling Coordinator

Sacramento, CA

Sherry Yarkosky

Mid-Atlantic & Southeast Region Recycling Coordinator

Pittsboro, NC

Nicole Zapata

East & Southeast School Program Coordinator

Conshohocken, PA

How We Work

Collaboration is a key component of Our strategy

Learn More about Our Mission

Our progress in carton recycling since our formation in 2009 has been driven by collaboration with stakeholders across the recycling value chain, including local communities, governments, MRFs, end markets, schools, industry organizations, nonprofits and companies.

This partnership enhances recycling infrastructure and consumer awareness, and we are grateful to all our collaborators who share our recycling passion.

Learn More about Our Mission